Castles & Bastides

  • Villeréal


5 mn from la Parenthèse

In the heart of the hilly landscapes, discover this 13th century Bastide built in just four years. Villeréal was labeled “Most Beautiful Villages of France” in 2019. The majestic central two-story hall, located on the main square, has always housed traditional markets since 1269 and faces the fortified church. Don’t miss the Wednesday and Saturday morning markets where you can meet local producers and artisans. In July and August, every Monday evening from 6 p.m., Producers of Country night market under the hall with musical entertainment. Flea markets on the second Sunday of each month.

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  • Monflanquin


10 mn from la Parenthèse

Nestled on its Pech, the Bastide de Monflanquin is one of the “Most beautiful villages in France”. Here time seems to have stopped and around the famous carrelots, we discover the central square of arcades, the Gothic church as well as the house known as the Black Prince.
To see / to do: the Bastides Museum and its Escape Game “The 13th Game” will take you to the heart of the Middle Ages, the visit of the village with Janouille, buffoon guide who will tell you the history of the village since its creation in the 13th century e century, treasure hunting every Tuesday and Friday during the summer (reservation required).

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Biron Castle

15 mn from La Parenthèse

On the borders of the Périgord Pourpre and the Agen, the Château de Biron is a magnificent historic monument. Admire the keep, discover the buildings built during the Renaissance, their mullioned windows and slender turrets, the double-story chapel…

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15 mn from la Parenthèse

Founded in 1284, it is considered to be “the model country house”. Let yourself be seduced by its authentic charm, stroll through the alleys, stroll under the arcades or take advantage of the markets on the Place des Cornières.

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To do with children: Bastideum, an immersion experience to learn more about Bastides, have fun with old games, stroll in the medieval garden to discover medicinal plants.

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20 mn from la Parenthèse

Medieval town developed in the 13th century, it will charm you with the beauty and architectural quality of its stone and half-timbered houses. Take advantage of its famous Sunday market to stroll through its alleys.

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  • Château Bonaguil

Bonaguil, the last of the great fortified castles

30 mn from la Parenthèse

13th, 15th, 16th and 18th century fortified castle, Listed Historic Monument, the Bonaguil castle is located 30 minutes from Saint-Etienne de Villeréal where you live. From the top of its rocky outcrop, it overlooks the valley and the medieval village. It forms an ensemble, unique in Europe, of gigantic proportions and in a remarkable state of conservation. Bonaguil is today an essential reference for the specialist, an ideal educational tool for the student and the teacher and a place of fun for each visitor. Many activities for young and old during the summer

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  • Gavaudun

Gavaudun Castle

30 mn from la Parenthèse

Proud sentry overlooking the Upper Lède Valley between Périgord and Agenais, the Château de Gavaudun crowns a 40m rocky outcrop built in the 11th and 12th centuries. An entry carved into the rock, a six-level high dungeon from which you can also abseil or climb with Nature Evasion. Fun and thematic activities are organized according to the desire and age of the visitors.

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  • Bergerac


30 mn from La Parenthèse

City of art and history. Bergerac is a city on the banks of the Dordogne, majestic barges which daily enliven the river, a magnificent heart of town from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, without forgetting the essential Cyrano which, although it has never been said set foot in Bergerac, nevertheless have the most famous character.

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