Environmental concerns

We are lucky and privileged to live in an area of 10 hectares, in the heart of nature, in an idyllic setting. Nature, fauna, flora, do not belong to us, we must be eco-responsible and preserve them.
The different tree species (including elms!) That have been planted on our campsite since its creation 35 years ago contribute to biodiversity and allow us to observe birds, ducks, hares, hinds every day .. and all the small animals and insects that live there. Protect our environment, love our planet!
Since our arrival in 2016, we have taken several steps and position limiting our impact on the environment as one of our priorities.

Un camping écologique,
une démarche éco-responsable

  • energie renouvelable

Energy control

Since 2018, we only use green electricity guaranteed 100% from renewable sources (photovoltaic plants, wind turbines and hydroelectric plants). Part of this process is accompanied by a reforestation plan in Haiti via reforest’Action #reforestaction.

We have generalized low-consumption light bulbs in our facilities and accommodation.

In addition, we use electric cars and golfcars to also reduce our impact on the environment and limit noise pollution for holidaymakers


Waste management

In 2018, we made a commitment with the Community of Communes to reduce the waste generated by holidaymakers and our teams by raising awareness of this approach. The presence of sorting bins has been reinforced as well as communication by display and a real incentive formulated upon arrival for holidaymakers. This approach has been very successful … our customers are already very aware of sorting in their daily lives and welcome this “eco-responsibility” with enthusiasm.
We have also installed three composting platforms on the site and equipped the bio-bucket accommodation. Peelings, eggshells, leftover meals, fed up with coffee, mowing lawns … all this helps reduce waste and enrich the soil to nourish our plants all year round.

Anti-waste control

In the restaurant and bar, we do not use disposable plastic utensils or cups, we have for 4 years now adopted the festival system and have our own logoed eco-cups.

At the reception, we send customers’ invoices by e-mail and our staff are made aware of the economical management of paper. We ask our suppliers to send us invoices electronically in order to have the most computerized management possible


Water Management

Because water is a sacred resource, it is important not to waste it, which is why we installed thermostatic mixers in the showers of our sanitary facilities and accommodation and equipped the sinks with water savers.

Some of our accommodations, such as the lake huts, are equipped with dry toilets


Give furniture a second life

Our philosophy is to focus on “sustainable” and repair or renovate rather than throw away. Also, we decided to decorate some of our tents, the desert tents, in a flea market, shabby chic style. In winter, we hunt in flea markets, empty attics to find wonders that we renovate to give a unique style to our tents.
At La Parenthèse, all our furniture is made from wood. The tables of our terraces and restaurants are made by ourselves and painted, the terraces of the accommodation are all made of good quality wood as well as the pool deck .. plastic is prohibited.

Local consumption

In our catering outlets, we favor short circuits in order to support local producers in the South West of France. Our suppliers are as far as possible local.